So we really liked the Irish Soda Bread and decided to make some more and experiment. I made 4 loaves of bread:

1. Plain in pie baking dish, with egg wash
2. With sliced olives in pie baking dish
3. With crushed pecans, in smaller baking pan with egg wash
4. With crushed pecans and raisins, in smaller baking pan

As you can see I experimented with a few different things at once. I only had two pie dishes, so I used two pans I normally use to make Challah. This dough is bigger, but doesn’t rise as much.

Worried about the dough brig too liquidy like last time, I started out with more flour in the first two batches and ended up with a lot of dough. I put those in the pie dishes. I probably should have added a bit more baking soda to compensate, so those didn’t rise as much. They also were not squished into smaller pans.





So the egg wash definitely makes it more brown, but I probably should have added some water to it as it was a little thick. I kind of like the ones that exploded out of the small pans, as their height makes the slices much more like normal bread slices.

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